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Rebel Hearts

When her father dies Charlotte Pelham faces poverty – then her former lover Robert Beckwith walks back into her life seeking to make amends.

Together they set out to discover Charlotte’s legacy, following a trail that will lead them on a dangerous journey from England to the New World – and a rekindling of their love. Can their love and faith in each other survive the dangers of war and the deadly enmity of a powerful man?

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Lady in White

What’s scarier than ghost hunting? For Martin, it’s meeting Claudia’s branch of the Clan Mackenzie for the first time.
When Claudia brings Martin home for Thanksgiving dinner, he gains first hand experience of how family tensions can affect even the most joyous occasion. Just when is seems Martin has soothed Claudia’s overprotective father, her sister Caroline confesses that she’s seen a ghostly lady in white, plunging Martin and Claudia into the dark world of the Daniels LaRoche hospital, a mental health facility with a shadowed history. Martin soon finds that there’s an evil presence at the old hospital, one so powerful that even he might not be able to vanquish it.

Distracted by family squabbles and the saintly Caroline’s increasingly strange behavior, Claudia and Martin have their work cut out to preserve their relationship and get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding the Lady in White.

Lady in White is book three in the Mr. Grey series. Book one is Mr. Grey and the Hotel Ghosts and book two is Mr.Grey and the Spirit from the Sky

Hired to investigate the unusual goings-on at the Knight's Lodge, Claudia Mackenzie and Martin Grey quickly discover that not everything is what it seems. Between the naughty antics of the resort's staff, ghostly gangsters out for revenge, and an undercover US Treasury investigation, life is about to get very interesting for the spook hunters, who are still trying to adjust to their new relationship.

As secrets are revealed things start to heat up at the Catskill resort and Claudia and Martin soon realize that danger comes from both natural and supernatural forces.

"The ghost-busting action was fast and furious the way I like it. And all the naughty things the living got up to... ? Well, that got my temperature rising! I enjoyed every word of this fantastically crafted story."
--romance author Cynthianna.

Mr. Grey and the Hotel Ghosts

When she has to sell a haunted hotel in New York City, Claudia Mackenzie calls on the best advisor around - British ghost hunter Martin Grey. Expecting a super-nerd, what she gets is a tall, handsome guy with a sexy accent who plucks all the right heartstrings!

Together they tackle the mystery of the Chestnut Mansion Hotel, a mystery that takes them back in time to witness a bitter family feud, murder, and the theft of an heirloom. As events unfold it soon seems it's not only ghosts they have to worry about! A real-life enemy is on their trail. Can their growing closeness give them the strength to face the danger?

"I loved this series! Martin Grey is the sexiest ghosthunter in the world. You can't find a more exciting paranormal author than AJ Matthews." --avid romance reader C. A. Cooper.

Ancient Eirin is no place for the fainthearted but Kate must find her grandfather and Matt a legendary relic in this time not their own. They spark and spar, and watch each others’ backs, but only love will see them home.

This is book three of the best-selling Collector series available at Loose Id Books.

"A well-written and super erotic-romance tale. The sexual magic is a great turn-on. Bravo, AJ!" --erotic-romance author Celine Chatillon


A rampaging god and death itself can’t keep these lovers apart!
Life is hard enough on the frontiers of Human space, but lovers Cassie O’Neill and Craig Lowell find themselves in danger from an unexpected source. A supernatural entity out of the legends of Old India has invaded their colony world. Alien and malevolent, the entity seeks to destroy the presence of humanity on the planet Orpheus, and Cassie and Craig stand in its path. Can they defeat death itself to save themselves and their world?