Excerpts from erotic-romance by AJ Matthews

These excerpts are for adults only.

An excerpt from Mr. Grey and the Hotel Ghosts
Martin still seemed shy; he trembled against her, and she felt a warm glow of affection for this solid, upright Englishman. Her heart began to beat strongly in her breast as they kissed, and she drew him closer. In the back of her mind a small voice was emphasizing the need to take things slowly, not to scare him with an untimely surge of passion. She took the advice; Martin Grey had become very special to her in the few days they had known each other. There was no way she was going to let him leave without satisfying his need or hers.
His hands slipped beneath the hem of her sweatshirt, and she could feel the warm, tender touch of them as he stroked her bare flesh. Claudia put her hands around his neck and kissed him deeply, sliding her tongue between his lips to flick it against his teeth. His hands moved up and down her back now, reaching a little higher each time, until they encountered her bra strap.
"Undo it, Martin," she whispered. "Go ahead; I won't bite--much!" His laugh came as a gust of warm air, and she felt his strong, supple fingers feeling their way over the hooks. A brief tightening, then a wonderful release as the pressure of the cups on her breasts ceased.
Drawing back, she slipped the sweatshirt over her head. The bra cups came away and dangled on the straps. Martin's eyes were fixed with wondering delight on her breasts as she emerged from the sweatshirt. She tossed it aside, gave a coquettish shake of her body to make her breasts sway, and smiled at his pop-eyed reaction.
"You like?"
"Damn straight!" he said with a laugh in his voice.
Mr. Grey and the Hotel Ghosts available from Liquid Silver Books.

An excerpt from Mr. Grey and the Spirit from the Sky
Some distance along the shore was a boathouse and a jetty. They made their way hand-in-hand toward it, of one mind and purpose.
Martin pushed open the door and peered inside. An odor of damp and pondweed met their noses, the smell dissipating as the breeze blew through the semi-enclosed structure. Beyond the open end lay the lake, cold and gray-blue in the afternoon light. A yacht was drawn up to the short boardwalk with a green canvas cover stretched over it and pegged down. With a glance back at the resort buildings in the distance he drew her inside and pushed the door closed.
She melted in his arms as he embraced her, her warm breath soft on his skin as she kissed his throat. Sliding his hands inside her coat, he reached down to cup and squeeze her firm butt. Claudia leaned back against the wall and brought her legs up to entwine them about his waist.
"I could get used to this!" she murmured.
"Mmm, so could I!" he said, kissing her.
She wrapped her arms around his neck and held him close, as he ran his hands over her body, feeling the supple play and give of her breasts under her heavy sweatshirt. His cock was tight inside his pants and the sensation was growing more uncomfortable by the second.
"Feel the need for release, lover?" she whispered in his ear.
"I do!" he replied with a soft moan.
"Let me down and I'll give you a blow," she said, unwrapping her arms and lowering her legs.
His cock gave an extra hard twitch at her words and he released his hold. Standing, she turned him around until they'd exchanged positions and he now stood with his back to the wall. Kneeling, she unzipped his denims and slipped her hand inside the inviting gap. He felt her long fingers seeking for his cock; her touch was cold but it gave an extra little thrill which made him gasp.
"Martin?" He blinked and looked down at her. She wore a mischievous smile. "This time I'm not going to spit!"
"That's...wonderful!" he managed to say, and she winked and drew his cock from inside his pants.
Her fingers closed around it and drew back his foreskin with a practiced motion. He felt the first delicate touch of her tongue-tip on the extreme end of his cock, a gentle dab as she licked away the trickle of pre-cum that emerged as the pressure came off it. Then she engulfed him in a way that had thrilled him since she'd first done it for him in New York, only days back but seemingly a lifetime ago. Her lips enclosed his shaft and he could feel her tongue running all over and around it.
Martin's manhood filled her mouth, touching the back of her throat. His taste, his scent filled her mind, and she held his butt with both hands as she worked to pleasure him. She cast a glance upwards and his face was a picture of sensual enjoyment. His eyes were half closed, two slits of bright blue that looked down at her and he smiled and caressed her hair. Her pussy surged with warmth.
She bobbed her head and sucked him with a gentle rhythm, drawing her teeth over his rigid shaft, scraping his skin and making him shiver convulsively. The heavy purple head throbbed in her mouth, and she could taste the bittersweet pre-cum on her lips and tongue. There was no-one around; she could take her time and pleasure her man as much as he--or she--could stand.
"I want to do something for you," he said softly, his voice strained.
"Later, Martin," she said with a smile as she released her hold, "but don't worry. Your pleasure is my pleasure." She stroked his cock, feeling the moisture of her saliva on the tight skin, loving the warmth, the solidity of him. "Ready for a little more?" she asked, cocking an eyebrow.
"Oh yes!" he said, and laughed softly. "Damn, but I love you!"
"I love you too! Now, if you'll excuse me I'm going to have my mouth full for a while!"
"I don't think I can last much longer, love."
She kissed the tip of his cock. "There's no need. We'll have all the time we want later."
Mr. Grey and the Spirit from the Sky available from Liquid Silver Books.

An excerpt from Lady in White

As Martin prepared coffee, Claudia went through into the sitting room. He heard her turn on the TV, and then came the creak of the antiquated couch as her weight settled on it. The Channel Thirteen News came on just as he walked in with the cups, and she grinned up at him sleepily. "Tired as I am, I'm not going to wait until tomorrow to ravish you, Mr. Grey." She chuckled. "What do you say we watch TV for a while then go to bed?"

"Going to bed is always a pleasure with you, Ms. Mackenzie." He grinned, sat beside her, and squeezed her knee. *

She drew up her skirt. Closing her hand about his, she slid it slowly up her thigh until it passed under the hem. A little further and Martin's fingers were pressing her panties against her pussy. "Maybe we should forget the TV?" she whispered, feeling the increasing warmth inside. The tiredness slipped away as the adrenaline began to flow through her bloodstream.

His handsome face began to flush, and she smiled with a trace of wickedness. Marty had been approachable but so reserved when they first met. Getting him into her bed that night back in New York had been a minor triumph. But now he was slipping his arm around her waist, his lips meeting hers, fingers pressing up against her mound. That flush was no sign of embarrassment--but of love and ardor.
A wave of warmth flowed through her, and she grew very moist, a fact not missed by Marty. Pressing her back on the sofa, he deftly hooked the crotch of her panties and tugged it aside, allowing his fingers free rein over her sex. She shivered and kissed him deeply as his fingertips ran slowly up and down her pussy lips in just the way she'd taught him she liked best. Pulling up the hem of his sweatshirt, she slid her hands underneath and stroked his warm skin, working her way upwards as she kissed him, feeling his muscles rippling under her touch. Lying back, she spread her legs in invitation, and he moved up and over and between her thighs, his comforting weight settling upon her. Martin stroked the hair from her face and gazed into her eyes, his expression tender. "I love you, Claudia Mackenzie."
"I love you, Martin Grey," she whispered, and kissed him.

Their kiss went on a long, long time, the world spinning away until a muscle in her back began to protest. Sighing, she pushed up against him, gently making him yield until she could sit up. Cupping his face in her hands she gazed at him. "I think this'd be better pursued in the bedroom."

He got up and held out his hand. Teasing, she feigned limpness, loving the surge of strength from him when he pulled her upright and over his shoulder in a clean lift. Kicking her legs and beating her hands on his back just enough to make a point, she allowed Martin to carry her, screaming softly, into the bedroom.

Lady in White available from Liquid Silver Books.

An excerpt from The Collector 3: Cauldron
Kate and the others found themselves in a narrow, hanging valley overlooking a steep slope. A hundred feet or so down was a tiny cove. The headlands enclosed the quiet water, shaded from pearl white where foam slopped against the rocky shore to a rich blue in the center. A white fishing boat with a blood-red strake rocked slowly at anchor there. There was no sign of life aboard.

Matt looked around then at Byrne. “Where’s this barrow?” he asked eagerly.

Byrne was staring hard at the boat with a peculiar intense expression, her pale cheeks colored with small spots of red. When Matt spoke she tore her gaze away. “What?”

“Where’s the barrow?” he asked again.

She pointed at a thicket of small wind shaped trees and brush on the eastern side of the valley. “It’s the other side of that,” she said.
Matt looked at it. “It doesn’t look like anyone’s been that way for years!”

“What did you expect, young feller; one of your six lane blacktops?” Byrne said sharply, thrusting her hands into her coat pockets. “Of course no one’s passed that way for years! Thirty years, in fact.” A look, almost of pain, crossed her face. “I was the last one to come out of there from the hollow the other side. Your grandfather was the first to go in.”

“What happened to him?” Kate demanded, glancing from the fissure to Byrne.

For some reason the woman blushed, an odd sight on her face. “I really don’t know. We went in there -- and he never came out.” She shook her head. “It’s beyond me, but maybe you’ll find an explanation.”

“Will you be coming with us this time?” Kate asked, and Matt looked at the woman. Byrne shook her head. Almost as if it was pre-arranged, a cloud covered the sun, and Kate shivered in the sudden coolness. “I’ll not go in there again,” she said softly. “I’ve paid my due.”

Kate stepped closer and gave her a long steady look. Byrne averted her eyes. “There’s something more, isn’t there?” Kate said. “Something you’re not telling us.”

The older woman glanced at the boat, then at her. “Okay, I wasn’t alone when I came back. Someone else came with me, but it wasn’t your grandfather.”

“What do you mean came back?”

“If you go in, you’ll see. I’m saying no more.” With that she turned on her heel and walked back to the car.

Matt looked at Kate, and she shrugged. “I’ve not come all this way for nothing. If there’s a clue to my grandfather’s disappearance in there, then I want to find it. A little bit o’ scrub and her attitude isn’t going to stop me!”

“Would you mind if I lead the way?” Matt asked.

Surprised at the fact he asked her at all, Kate nodded and waved for him to precede her.

Collector 3: Cauldron available from Loose Id Books.