About Me...

A.J. Matthews was born at an early age... 

 …in an English village next to the windy North Sea. A precocious talent for writing developed and by the time he was nine he was already producing stories for the entertainment of his friends. After an indifferent career in high school, college and university, he went on to work in the tourist industry, the British Inland Revenue and local government. After the fun of bureaucracy palled he left and established his own courier business.

A J now lives in NW Ohio with his wife, erotic-romance author Celine Chatillon, who also writes romantic-comedy as Cynthiannna. He enjoys reading, cooking, history, and travel and has traveled in Canada, France and Hungary. On occasion he also ventures back to the French-Indian War of the 18th Century, taking part in living history re-enactment events as a grenadier of the 78th Frazer’s Highlanders.

His current releases:
Rebel Heartshttp://www.extasybooks.com/

Mr. Grey and the Hotel Ghostshttp://www.liquidsilverbooks.com/books/mrgreyandthehotelghosts.htm

Mr.Grey and the Spirit from the Sky

The Lady in White

Collector 3: Cauldron

The Hetzenberg Chronicles